How it works - 6 simple steps

Find your gadget

1. Find your gadget

Search for your phone, camera, iPod or sat nav.

Place your order

2. Place your order

Then add your item(s) to your basket. And go to the checkout to place your order.

Get everything ready

3. Get everything ready

Delete any personal data from your device*. Remove your sim or memory card. Please charge your phone before you send it to us.

To ensure you get the best price for your item(s) read our t&cs to check you have included everything.

(If you send us any sim or memory cards by mistake, we can’t send them back. We’ll destroy them.) *See our full terms and conditions.

4. Send it to us

Package it along with your order summary and take it to the Post Office. For high value items we recommend sending by registered post.

Find out more information about how to send your items to us.

5. Get paid

Once we process your items we’ll pay the money into your account or send you a cheque within 5 working days

Did you know?

Did You Know

We also recycle MP3s, Tablets, cameras and other gadgets

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

We offer very high prices on every model